Yamagata Film Package to the World 2018

Yamagata Film Package to the world 2018



Date:18 ~ 22 February 2018
(※ 21 February:Online video exchange was made between high school students in Papua province and Yamagata City) 


Place: Sarmi, Biak, Jayapra City,

Papua province, Indonesia



Participants:A Total of 7 screenings brought 790 people




Maruttorippu (Yamagata City Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Department)
Yamagata Forged Blades ~Tools for Everyday Life~ 

(2016 / Dir. SATO Koichi / 22 min)
High School Life in Yamagata (2018/ Produced by Freshmen Volunteers of Yamagata Prefectural Yamagata East Senior High School)


【Voices from Papua】
・I would love to participate this kind of screenings every year
・I would love to make a film in Papua and show it in Yamagata
・I will study Japanese very hard and I want to go to Japan 
・It is an interesting way to watch a film to understand a culture
・I will study Japanese harder and also want to study Japanese culture 
・It was a great opportunity for high school students in Papua to get to know Japanese culture 
・I wish our friendship will last forever
・It was interesting to know their school life in Yamagata 
・I wish I could visit high school in Yamagata

【Voice from Freshmen Volunteers of Yamagata Prefectural Yamagata East Senior High School
“First, we would like to thank Yamagata City of Film for planning, sharing, coordinating, and supporting this project. We also thank all of you who have supported us to make our film. We are very happy that we have finished and showed our film. 


When we were making the film, we dedicated efforts to what we show and how we can show Yamagata. This procedure helped us analyze and reaffirm Yamagata’s attractiveness and uniqueness. Especially the online exchange was so much pleasure that we could feel students in Papua if they were by our side. 


Through this project, we have learnt that “film” can be a communication tool to overcome a language barrier and articulately convey our thoughts. We would like to effectively use various communication tools like film to connect with international society.”