The 6th CREATIVE CAFE “Art and Building the Region” was held!



“Art and Building the Region”


Friday, 15 December 2017



@Yamgata Manabikan

On Friday, 15 December 2017, we held the 6th CREATIVE CAFE “Art and Building the Region”.



For this time, we invited Ms.NAKAJIMA, a young intelligent woman who had worked for Shiki Theater Company and Oriental Land Co.,Ltd., and Iwate University, who is currently studying at Tohoku University, to talk about how we can connect art and building the region. Her main discussion theme was “Regional revitalization through arts” and “Pride Yamagata” for Yamagata City had been designated as a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.


She served us a delicious cup of MILO and treats from Australia for she had studied abroad there🐮



She first introduced us a case study of Iida City in Nagano Prefecture as it is the city of Doll Performances.



She said, “In Iida, there is an initiative that everyone, including children, young, elderly, and people from outside, cooperate all together to preserve traditional culture. Children can engage in the diverse social relations from participating the doll performances. A current challenge is its depopulation, especially the young. It is needed that people in Iida have to make an environment more comfortable and easier for young people to come back or decide to live in Iida. Furthermore, I think it is important to creatively exchange ideas about how they can make their city more sustainable. “


The latter half was a workshop called “Pride Yamagata”.


Q1.What does “Yamagata” remind you?

Q2.Delicious foods in “Yamagata”

Q3.Who or what are you proud of “Yamagata”?

Q4.Your favorite restaurant or shop in “Yamagata”

Q5.Your favorite place in “Yamagata”

Q6.Where do you recommend to go in “Yamagata”?


Participants had to answer all questions in 10 mins. Based on the results of career anchor, we divided them in 4 teams, and they discussed and wrote down their answers on a big sheet of paper for their upcoming short presentation.






Here is a comment from Ms. NAKAJIMA, the facilitator.


“Thank you for a wonderful time. I deeply value the opportunities provided by this CREATIVE CAFE and wish to challenge myself in various ways and enjoy a fruitful experience. We must be sure to do this again!”


She also said that it was impressive that participants were so delighted to speak about how they pride Yamagata. Now I’m planing on the “Art and Building the Region 2” to discuss how we can specifically integrate our love towards Yamagata and culture and creativity to make our city more sustainable and lively.

Please look forward to it!(N.A.)




~From the Perspective of International Cooperation~”


Wednesday, 17 January 2018
14:00 ~ 16:00


@Room1, Yamagata City International Relation Centre Office at 2nd floor of Kajo Central Building, Yamagata City


Have a Happy New Year!