【Comprehensive Art of Japanese Culture】The 33rd Donnou Tea Ceremony

The 33rd Donnou Tea Ceremony

June 24th, 25th

Hoko-an, Seifu-so, Momiji Park,

Yamagata City

The 33rd Donnou Tea Ceremony will be held this year at Hoko-an, a public tea room established in 1979.

In collaboration with different branches of local tea ceremony and Yamagata City, the 1st ceremony was held in 1985 commemorating Donnou’s achievements and completion of the building.
The ceremony has grown famous as it was held annually at beautiful cherry seasons.

Tea ceremony is said to be a comprehensive art of Japanese culture.
We would like our foreign guests to fully enjoy the ceremony that there were English assistants at the ceremony and we also provided English pamphlet.

Many visitors came from all over the Japan and the world, and it was a pleasure to have a tea with them.
We are looking forward to seeing you next year!

Also, we are making a video of this event so please look forward to it.