At CREATIVE CAFE, we can exchange our opinions with people in Yamagata City of Film without concerning the differences in age, sex, and nationality.

CREATIVE CAFEs held in 2017:

  • 1st Edition: “Learning Films in Cambodia” on Wednesday, 26 July 2017
    Guest: Candara So / Cambodia

  • Related Event to the 1st Edition: “Film Commission Cross Talk: Yamagata, Shinjo & Cambodia” on Friday, 28 July 2017
  • 2nd Edition: “Culture as a Diplomatic Tool”
    Guest: Koki J. Fukasaku (from Matsushita Institute of Government and Management)

Yamagata Renaissance Project

This is a project to produce a series of films that will introduce the appeal of Yamagata’s traditional crafts through new and contemporary eyes and offer young local film talent a chance to hone their skills.

Distributed works through this project:

  • “Yamagata Iron Castings ~Functional Design in Daily Life~”
    (2016 / Dir. WATANABE Satoshi/ 24 min)
  • “Yamagata Forged Blades ~Tools for Everyday Life~”
    (2016 / Dir. SATO Koichi / 22 min)
  • “Living with Film TUAD NOW – A Graduate’s View”
    (2017 / Dir. ITO Kengo / 39 min)
    (2016 / Dir. MATSUMOTO Tatsuki, student at the Tohoku University of Art and Design / 20 min)

These films can be borrowed.

For more Information, please go to Video Archive.
Contact Information: +81-23-625-1212 (ext. 639) (Culture Promotion Division)

Yamagata Film School for Citizens

In partnership with volunteers, this project uses film programming as a way to encourage citizens to take initiative in running art events and provide a place to exchange information.

Projects held in 2016:

  • 1st Edition: “Nanook of the North”
    – Screenings with violin accompaniment
  • 2nd Edition: “The Actors in the Golden Era of Japanese Films”
    – Screenings and talk event about actors in the 1950s
  • 3rd Edition: “Yamagata Iron Castings ~Functional Design in Daily Life~“ and “Yamagata Forged Blades ~Tools for Everyday Life~”
    – Screenings and workshop for “Cinema Day in Yamagata City”
  • 4th Edition: “Festivals of Yamagata”
    – Screenings and talk event about filming seasonal events in Yamagata City
  • 5th Edition: “Casting Blossoms to the Sky”
    – Screenings and talk event with Dir. OBAYASHI Nobuhiko and Dir. NEGISHI Kichitaro of “I LOVE YOU”

Projects held in 2017:

  • 1st Edition: “Nostalgic Yamagata and Cinema Street”
    – Screenings and talk event of those who “has built” and those who “will build” Yamagata City

Yamagata Film Package to the world

A project that brings films to people in developing cities who are thirsting for a shared motion picture experience.

In 2017,

Aimed at high school students who study Japanese, Yamagata citizen volunteers took the films “Yamagata Forged Blades ~Tools for Everyday Life~”, “A Voiceless Cry”, and “The Star Beni Maruttorippu”, subtitled in Indonesian, and showed them in Jayapura, Indonesia. A total of 6 screenings brought 536 people to this event.

Yamagata Creative Cities International Conference

Yamagata Creative Cities International Conference is an international conference to discuss how creativity can contribute to sustainable urban development. It aims to inspire the youth who will be in charge of the future of the world. Discussions about creativity as a driver for sustainable urban development will be held among creators, scholars, delegates from UCCN cities and Yamagata citizens. The conference will be a learning opportunity for audiences, especially young people, to gain understanding about the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, to think as a part of the global community, and share in the vision of tackling social issues together.

Yamagata Creative Cities International Conference 2017

  • Theme
    Creative Tourism – Activating Cultural Assets
  • Time and Venue
    12 – 13 October 2017 (Yamagata City, Japan)
  • Organizers
    Yamagata Creative City Promotion Council in collaboration with Yamagata University

Yamagata Creative Tourism

This project envisions creative tourism as a way to bring together Yamagata’s various cultural resources including activities in film, music, art, literature, and the city’s rich natural environment.

Film Education

In collaboration with a group of film professionals, teachers, journalists, organizers of nonprofits, and other citizens, this project continues to foster film education, which produces globally responsible citizens who shoulder Yamagata’s future.

Yamagata Artists-in-Residents

This program will invite filmmakers from developing countries to reside in Yamagata for extensive stays, providing space and time to focus on the development of their film projects.