The 12th Creative Café “What’s Takan? – You can enjoy movies without subtitles!” was held!


For this time, we held a startup workshop to enjoy movies without subtitles at Yamagata Documentary Film Library, Yamagata City.

Ms. Ogino is a Tadoku supporter in Tendo City, and she introduced us how to do “Takan“, a different version of Tadoku.



Ms. Ogino Ai

【From Ms. Ogino】


“Thank you for coming to the 12th Creative Café.

Thanks to Tadoku, I ‘ve encountered a lot of wonderful books and movies. The theme of the café was “enjoying movies without subtitles”. Tadoku is the great way to enjoy learning other languages! Without subtitles, you can enjoy movies more and more, and you may get various points of view. I hope you will get interested in it!”





  • No subtitles
  • Skip the lines you do not understand
  • Skip the works when you are not interested in it and start the next one!


【Comments from the Participants】


  • I would like to start Takan with my favirite movies. I have learnt that it is very important to put an effort to listen to the words and try to understand them. 
  • It was a lot of fun!
  • I have realized that even I, a mid-forties, can still start learning English or any other languages. Thanks for great workshop!
  • Regardless of English skill or age, there is a “Takan” world where anyone can have fun. It was interseting to know about this!
  • It was my first time to do Takan. 
  • The lecture was great. I failed studying English when I was in high school but I could get a chance to start it again. I am thinking to start Takan with very easy movies. 
  • It was easy for me to understand. Thank you for explaining in detail.
  • I thought Takan is a very natural and non-stressful way of learning English and I would like to try it by myself.




Many thanks to the audiences! 😍

Yamagata City has been desiganted as a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of FIlm. As a City of Film, Yamagata City aspires for culture-driven sustainable development in collaboration with other member cities.   


We are sure that everyone has once experienced that they could not understand a foreign movie because of the language barrier. There are many wonderful movies which are not subtitled or dubbed, and people miss them because they do not understand the movie. 


Ms. Ogino and her students speaking about “What is fun about Takan?”

We, Yamagata City of Film, organized this workshop for Yamagata citizens to overcome the language barriers through ‘Takan’, an easy way of learning different language by watching a lot of easy movies. We wanted to make it as an opportunity for them to know that it is not too difficult to watch movies in English or other language so that they can start enjoying various movies regardless of the language. 


On the event day, there were over 50 audiences sitting in a 40-seat venue. Thank you all for coming to the event, and special thanks to Ms. Ogino and her students who spoke about how they actually enjoy Takan.


Coming up NEXT…(You can jump to the event  link by clicking the picture.)

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