The 11th Creative Café “Community & Art” was held!


For this time, we invited Ms. Kasetsu, the popular female chirographer, to talk about her exhibition at Yamagata Biennale 2016, an art fetival hosted by Tohoku University of Art and Design.


The former Nishimura Photo Studio was its venue for she expressed the old woman who married into the Nishimura family in her exhibition.


She talked about the episodes of her creation of the work and what she thinks about “Community and Art”.


Ms. Kasetsu



Caligrahy expressing “the old woman”


”The old woman” herself shared a long and precious memories of her with us at the former Nishimura Photo Studio where she has lived for 66 years. The audiences could felt like Ms. Kasetsu if they were to create “the old woman”‘s exhibition. 


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The 12th Creative Café

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