The 12th Creative Café “What’s Takan? ~You can enjoy movies without subtitles! ~” will be held on Saturday, 30 June.






Have you ever had any experiences that you could not understand a foreign movie because of the language barrier?


This is a workshop to enjoy movies without subtitles!

Ms. Ogino is a Tadoku supporter in Tendo City, and she will introduce us how to do “Takan“, a different version of Tadoku.


⭐️What is Tadoku?


‘Ta’ in tadoku means ‘a lot’, and ‘doku’ means ‘to read’.


You start reading a lot of extremely easy books that you can really enjoy.


Easy books are good for understanding.

You understand well so you read more.

Reading becomes a fun thing to do.

So you read even more.

Your English gets better and better.


That’s tadoku!


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Tadoku = To read a lot of easy books

Takan = To watch a lot of easy movies


She says “Anyone can start ‘Takan’ at any ages. “

Please feel free to join us!


※This workshop is given in Japanese but English interpreter will accompany if requested. 

Please inform us your participation by e-mail. (


The 12th Creative Café
“What’s Takan? ~You can enjoy movies without subtitles!~ “


【Date】  Saturday, 30 June 2018


【Place】  Yamagata Documentary Film Library


【Time】  13:30 ~ 15:30

【Guest】   Ms. Ai Ogino, a Tadoku supporter


【Admission】  FREE




Yamagata Creative City Promotion Council

(Office: Culture Promotion Division, Yamagata City)


T. 023-641-1212 (ext. 769)





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