The 10th CREATIVE CAFE “Mexico ×(crossroads) Yamagata” was held!



 Mexico ×(crossroads) Yamagata


❀Mexican Hina-matsuri Exhibition

❀Picture-story show ~Mexico Stories~


 21 to 25 March 2018

at the former Nishimura Photo Studio, Yamagata City 

The 10th CREATIVE CAFE “Mexico ×(crossroads) Yamagata” was held from 21 to 25 March 2018 at the former Nishimura Photo Studio, Yamagata City.


The Venue, the former Nishimura Photo Studio


Ms. YOKO and a vistor


“The venue, the former Nishimura Photo Studio, was a retro building of Yamagata and so fit to this event. 

Visitors were enjoying the exhibition and I could also talk with one by one. Those moments were also very fabulous for myself.

It was the combination of Mexico, Hina-matsuri, the retro building, and a lot of elements that made this atmosphere where visitors can jump in to a special dimension. 


I thank all the visitors for sharing this special moment!”


(YOKO Sakiko, the president of “Tewotsunagu Mexico to Nihon”)



2nd floor


Mecican Hina-masturi Exhibition


Picture-story show!


〜Voices from Children〜

“I learnt that many Mexicans do embroideries and they can make a doll made of corn.”


“Now I know Mexico is at the opposite side of the earth.”


“It was interesting to see the Hina doll with skeleton body.”


Hina-doll made of corn


〜Voices from Adults〜

“The combinations of Japanese Hina-masturi and Mexican craft artists were fantastic.”


“I could learnt how the skeleton Hina doll was made. Also those craft artists made me feel Mexico close. The exhibitions was heartwarming that every works were handmade. “


“It was interesting to know that the skeleton dolls were made to criticize class disparities in Mexico. It was a very creative event that completely different cultures were mixed together.”


“It was my first time to know the long time connection between Japan and Mexico, and also I felt like it was deepened thorough those handmade works.”


The skeleton Hina doll