The 9th CREATIVE CAFE “Yamagata, Music, and Film” was held!


Yamagata, Music, and Film

was held on 4 March 2018 at Senshin-an, Yamagata City!


Inviting Mr. NISHIHAMA from Yamagata Symphony Orchestra, we had a talk session together with Mr. SUGIMOTO, the focal point of Yamagata City of Film. Mr. NISHIHAMA had talked about how he is challenging to make Yamagata Symphony Orchestra succeed in the world.

For Yamagata City has been designated as a UNESCO City of Film since 2017, more and more cross-sectional initiatives will be a great step forward to develop Yamagata as a Creative City. “


Mr. NISHIHAMA Hideki, a Senior Directing Manager of Yamagata Symphony Orchestra


Talk Session!


Related event to the 9th CREATIVE CAFE;
KURAKI Natsumi (Cello) & KOSEKI Yoshihiro (Guitar)
Mini Concert


Inviting Ms. KURAKI and Mr. KOSEKI, the mini concert was held to create a synergy with music and film. 


Ms. KURAKI Natsumi, a cello player of Yamagata Symphony Orchestra

Mr. KOSEKI Yoshihiro, a guitar player

Music × Film ”Four Seasons in Yamagata”

Music × Film ”UNESCO City of Films”