The 5th CREATIVE CAFE “Papua province and Yamagata” was held!



Papua province and Yamagata

〜Yamagata Papua Friendship Association and Yamagata Film Package Project〜


Wednesday, 29 November 2017  18:30〜20:00 @Yamagata Manabikan, Room 7

On Wednesday, 29 November 2017, we held the 5th CREATIVE CAFE “Papua province and Yamagata ~Yamagata Papua Friendship Association and Yamagata Film Package Project~” at Yamagata Manbikan, Yamagata City.


For this time, we invited two guest speakers from the Yamagata Papua Friendship Association: Mr. Yoshida, the president, and Mr. Awano the member of the board, and had them talk about “Papua province” and “Yamagata Film Package Project”.



First, Mr. Yoshida, who just came back from the Papua, introduced its history and latest situation. He made our participants eager to visit the Papua!


Next, Mr. Awano reported us about “Yamagata Film Package Project” held in February, 2017.

It is a project to bring films to people in developing cities who are thirsting for a shared motion picture experience. Aimed at high school students who study Japanese, Yamagata citizen volunteers took the films “Yamagata Forged Blades ~Tools for Everyday Life~”, “A Voiceless Cry”, and “The Star Beni Maruttorippu”, subtitled in Indonesian, and showed them in Jayapura, Indonesia. A total of 6 screenings brought 536 people to this event.



Participants were amazed by the project and they were so happy to hear about connecting the world and Yamagata through FILM. For 2018 project, we are planning on “exchange of high school students through film”. We are so excited to see what is going to happen between high school students in the world and Yamagata.


Thank you all!




“Art and Building the Region


Friday, 15 December 2017, 18:30〜20:30 @Yamagata Manabikan, Room 6, 7

Please look forward to it!