Yamagata City’s high school students won the GRAND PRIX at the national competition for Industrial Survey!

“Yamasho Sancho Girls” (Industrial Survey Club)

of Yamagata Commercial High School


won the Grand Prix at “The 25th High School Students’ National Competition for Industrial Survey”

held from 15 November to 17 November 2017.


Their theme was

Maximize the Population

~ We cannot run a business without People ~”



Their article on Yamagata News Online is here! (Sorry, it’s only written in Japanese.)

“Yamasho Sancho Girls”, who set their heart on “maximizing the Yamagata’s population”, has been conducting variety of researches and activities to save depopulation of Yamagata. It is a part of their club activity at Yamagata Commercial High School, and their achievements are now highly evaluated inner and outside of Yamagata.


Let me introduce a part of their activities held on April 2017.


“Wedding Fair for High School Students”


  • It was a project to let high school students to wear pretty wedding dresses and experience the beautiful moment of wedding ceremony. It aimed to encourage and motivate them to get married and have a wedding in the future.
  • The Girls considered that it was necessary to have more children to maximize the population. Therefore, they targeted high school students, who dreamed of wedding, to have the real experience so that the Girls can make their dream more concrete and realistic.
  • The Girls organized, communicated, marketed, and managed everything.
  • The event was successfully done, especially the survey showed the 89% of the participants answered “they would definitely get married and have a wedding in the future”.

To reach more about their activities, please check their BLOG! (Japanese only)


《Their presentation PDF at the national competition is here though it is only written in Japanese. Sorry! 》


The theme “Maximize the population” is linked to Yamagata City’s principle for sustainable urban development. The Girl’s also have been active in “Creative Tourism”, which we have planned in our action plans. “Hike from the Station” is an activity that high school students guide the participants to the attractive places of Yamagata City. Surprisingly, they have been doing this for eight years.
In collaboration with Yamagata Creative City Promotion Council, the Girls performed narrations along with silent films of “Yamagata Festival: Year 1955” and the audiences felt nostalgic about old times in Yamagata. They also treated them with tasty Dondonyaki, a local food of Yamagata.


(The Girls performing narrations.)


Yamasho Sancho Girls,

we congratulate you from the bottom of the heart. We must say it means a lot for you and Yamagata City. 




We know seniors are ready to take a next step to their future. We support you in any way we can, and look forward to work for sustainable urban development with you and your research “Maximize the Population”!