【YIDFF 2017】On the Road to a Creative City of Film

YIDFF 2017 Program


On the Road to a Creative City of Film


10 October @Yamagata Museum of Art 2


On 10 October, we held “On the Road to a Creative City of Film” as a program of YAMAGATA International Documentary Film Festival 2017. We screened four films produced by Yamagata City, held talk events with the directors, and served Japanese tea.



Part 1: TUAD Video Department Students Film Yamagata’s Future
“Living with Film TUAD Now – A Graduate’s View” both directed by Tohoku University of Art and Design
Inviting Dir. HAYASHI Kaizo, the chair of Video Department, and students from the university, we discussed about Yamagata and their future through film.

(Dir. HAYASHI Kaizo and TUAD students)


Part 2: Yamagata Renaissance Project
“Yamagata Iron Castings ~Functional Design in Daily Life~”
Dir. WATANABE Satoshi
“Yamagata Forged Blades ~Tools for Everyday Life~”
Dir. SATO Koichi

Inviting Dir. SATO Koichi and Mr. OKABE Nobuyuki, the vice director of the Yamagata Museum of Art, we had a talk event to discuss about Yamagata’s folk arts.

(Dir. SATO Koichi)

Japanese tea was served during the event and everyone enjoyed it.


(Using Boiled water of Yamagata Iron kettle, everyone enjoyed the tea!)