【Yamagata on TV】July’s NHK WORLD will feature Yamagata!


July’s NHK WORLD will broadcast a special series of programs featuring Yamagata!

NHK Yamagata and Yamagata prefecture is doing a campaign to spread attractive Yamagata by using “#ymgt_cool”.

Mr. Fukuda Hiroaki, a professional photographer, will choose the best photos, and those will be introduced in the program called “HAIKU MASTERS in Yamagata” to the world.


Here is a comment from M.K. who joined HAIKU MASTERS in Yamagata;


“It was a great opportunity to participate in the event. For me, I felt that the Photo HAIKU was the combination of the sense of the words and sights. The big difference from usual haiku is that they will create haiku from the visual image and put it into the simple words. I found it very interesting and I would love to try the HAIKU THIS PHOTO. I am also looking forward to watching the program about how those guests enjoyed Yamadera.”  (M.K.)


They will have many programs relating to Yamagata and you can watch them on Internet as well.

Installing the NHK WORLD TV app is the easiest way!